You may have questions about our Stainless Steel Taps? Below you will find the answers to questions we received earlier from customers. Perhaps the answer to your question is not listed? Email us at info@inoxtaps.com and we will reply as soon as possible.

Order and Delivery
What is the delivery time?
We always try to keep delivery-time as short as possible. But, of course we also need to rely on the brands for this. Some brands hold all their products on stock and some brands will only assemble the items as soon as they get the order. Generally most brands ship their orders within 2 weeks but sometimes the delivery time can take up to 6 weeks. At every product we note the average delivery time (this is an indication and INOXTAPS.com is never responsible for any delays beyond her power) Once your payment is received we will forward the order to the manufacturer. You will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as the order has been dispatched. In this way you can track and trace the shipment. For European orders we use DPD as express service.
Can we visit INOXTAPS.com to see the taps?
Yes, although INOXTAPS.com is an internet shop we have selected a partner in some countries where you can go and see at least one tap of each brand. Please check out our preferred INOXTAPS.com partner in your neighbourhood. If there are no INOXTAPS.com partners in your country yet, please contact us. In that case it is possible that we send you a tap from the brand you like the most.
If some brands on the website are cheaper than others, is the quality still good?
All taps on our website are crafted by the most famous taps/fittings-factories in the world, mainly located in Italy. All taps and cartridges are ISO9001-2005 and TÜV-certified, are made of everlasting sturdy stainless steel, have high-end ceramic parts inside and enjoy at least a 5 year warranty.
Can I get more discount?
If you are a professional like an architect, plumber or a retailer, YES you can. Please apply to get a professional account and enjoy our wholesale prices. Regarding consumers, we have deliberately priced our products reasonable and kept the margins very small so we can deliver top quality products at competitive prices. We like to keep it clear and simple. That is why our no additional discount can be given. However, if your order exceeds 8.000 euro we can offer you a 10% discount which will appears automatically in your invoice.
I order for the first time, how does that work exactly?
Click after you have found your favourite product the 'add to cart' button on the product detail page. Your order is now visible in your shopping cart in the upper right corner of the computer screen. With a click on the shopping cart, you will see the contents of your order right away. If desired, the choice is up to you to checkout or continue shopping by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button. If you are finished shopping and have added your product selection to the order, you can complete your order and pay. You can also store your favourite products to "My Wishlist". We've tried to keep things simple: You can safely order through our website or by email. You can pay with all the major debit and credit cards. As long as your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel or change your order at any time. Besides this, even as we have delivered the products already and you do not want to keep it for any reason, you only have to email us (within 14 days after delivery) and we will come and pick it up. It costs you nothing, you will get your money back. Note: the products should be in their original packaging being unused and undamaged.
I accidentally ordered the wrong taps, now what?
If your product is not yet dispatched, you can always cancel or amend the order free of charge. To do this, it is best to contact us via this email address: info@inoxtaps.com Please keep the invoice number at hand and tell us what product you need instead.
What about my privacy when I want to order online?
We understand that many people are cautious about providing personal information over the Internet, especially when it comes to credit card details. Therefore, we emphasise that all information you provide will be handled by us with the utmost care. We only make use of the most recognised payment providers and payments will go through a secured and certified gateway. We will not use your details other than for the payment and delivery of your order, nor will we supply these details to third parties.
I do not live in Europe, is that a problem?
No, luckily we ship worldwide!
What are the delivery-costs of my order?
We ship our faucets for 40€ in European Union countries and for Worldwide deliveries we work closely together with the best and cheapest couriers to get you the best rate possible.
What if I do not like my taps when they have been delivered?
By law, you are granted to return the products free of charge without any reason within 14 days. You can change it for other products or get your money refunded.
What payment options are available?
Through the secure page on our website you can arrange the payment in various ways:
Paypal, credit card and bank transfer.
I have received a damaged product, what should I do?
Despite careful checking, we can't prevent that you still receive an unexpected wrong or damaged product. Brushed stainless steel taps are matte brushed by hand, so small scratches are one of the main characteristics of the stainless steel finishing and will not be regarded as damages. But, in case you find your product damaged in another way, please send an email to our support center including your description of the damage and always including a photo to info@inoxtaps.com
Is repair free of charge?
Yes, within the warranty repair is free of charge. Even after the warranty period, we will not let you down. You can always contact us for repairs. Before we perform the repair you will get a price-indication from us of the costs involved. For this, we will need to get some clear pictures from the issue to start with. The cost of the examination of the situation are not charged to you unless you decide to not repair the product with us. The examination fee is € 50.00. To start such a case, please use the contact-form or email us at support@bycocoon.com.
How do I change the cartridge within my tap?
In almost all taps loose ceramic cartridges are used. All single lever handles can be removed easily. In this way you can repace the cartridge. Please always have this done by a professional. For questions please mail to support@bycocoon.com.

Tap is dripping, or will not turn off fully.
Possible debris on washer or seating. Remove valve, clean rubber washer and seating. Or, valve needs replacing.

Taps discolouring or tarnishing:
To maintain the appearance of these fittings please ensure they are cleaned regularly using a clean soft damp cloth only. Abrasive cleaners or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration.Please read more about maintenance of stainless steel before you will use the taps.

Taps are noisy in use: Mains pressure is too high. Reduce accordingly. NB a pressure-reducing valve may be required.

Tap heads are loose:
Remove indice cap and tighten retaining screw. NB screw should be supplied with an anti rotational washer or have a serrated underside.

Flow of water is poor:
If ceramic disc valve, make sure you have a minimum of 0.5 bar operating pressure (as recommended) Or, If a standard screw down valve, make sure pipe work has been flushed through thoroughly before connecting to your water supply to remove any debris that may be restricting the flow.

Spout appears loose:
Make sure grub screw at back of spout is tightened. Or, where the fixing mechanism is a nut, make sure this has been screwed down fully.

Leaking from bottom of spout:
'O' ring on spout has perished, or has been cut. Probably caused by pushing the spout into the main body before opening the grub screw fully at the back of the spout. Replace ‘O’ ring. Or, to loosen the grub screw and ensure spout is pushed fully into the main body to form a double seal. Retighten the grub screw.

Tap heads are spinning freely on top of valve:
Plastic bush on spline has worn. Replace with new plastic bush.

Water comes out of spout and hand-set at the same time:
Remove the diverter handle, unscrew the brass gland nut and replace the diverter assembly with a new spare. Re assemble diverter handle.

Water comes out of spout and handset at the same time:
Diverter washer could be damaged. Lift diverter knob and use a thin adjustable spanner. Locate on nut and unscrew diverter. Check washer on bottom and replace if damaged. Or, if bath shower mixer is with ceramic disc technology and if water pressure is below 0.5 bar (as recommended) and it will not hold the diverter knob in the open position, proceed as above and remove the diverter spring. Reassemble diverter.

What about replacement parts?
Ceramic inner parts, mixers, taps, rosettes and rosettes always are on stock. We keep a considerable amount of spare parts in stock for lifetime. Just in case...

Water coming out of hand-set and spout at same time:
Remove spout, lift diverter knob at back of spout and check diverter washer is still in place. Or, water pressure is too low, minimum pressure required is 0.5 bar (as recommended).

Wall spout is loose or fitted off centre:
Make sure spout is fitted to ‘T’’ connector using enough P.T.F.E. tape (or other suitable sealant) to secure in position. Make sure spout is secured correctly within the wall cavity to avoid movement.

Waste will not hold water:
Check plug ‘O’ ring is not damaged. Or, check all thread on bottom of plug is set to correct height. Or possible fault with moulding on the waste hole in the basin bowl. Please ensure enough sealant is used between bowl and waste (washers only are not enough to seal some wastes).

Pop-up rod is not working:
Make sure rod connector is fitted correctly, and height of all thread on plug has been set correctly.

Dripping Tap:
The main cause of ceramic tap disc tap to drip is that the pipe work hasn’t been flushed of debris on installation. Remove headwork and valve and check ceramic discs for signs of scouring. If scouring or damage is evident, replace ceramic disc valve/cartridge.

Shower handset is leaking, or damaged:
If leaking, check washer is still in place between handset and end of shower hose. Or If still leaking, or damaged, replace with new hand-set.
Showering temperature is not hot enough:
Ensure hot water supply is at least 60C. Make sure you have equal pressures. Check for airlocks in pipe work. Ensure there are no inverted U’s in any of the pipe work runs.
Water goes cold during shower:
Insufficient hot water storage.
When shower is set at cold, the showering temperature is too hot:
Hot and cold supply connections have been made in reverse - re-connect correctly.
Shower temperature is too hot (pumped shower):
Turn down the flow of hot water from the pump using the in-line isolator valve.
Showering temperature is not hot enough:
Incoming pressure exceeds 5 bar - ensure you have fitted pressure reducing valve in the mains supply pipe. Ensure hot water supply is at least 60C.
Valve is very noisy when in use:
Incoming pressure exceeds 5 bar - ensure you have fitted a pressure reducing valve in the mains supply pipe immediately after stopcock to premises.
The water goes cold whilst showering:
Ensure the boiler is still firing. Adjust the boiler to the hottest output, not the best flow.
How can I clean stainless steel bathroom taps bought at INOXTAPS.com?
Stainless steel is easy to clean. Washing with soap or a mild detergent and warm water followed by a clean water rinse is usually quite adequate for stainless steel bathroom taps.  An enhanced appearance will be achieved if the cleaned surface is finally wiped dry. Specific methods of cleaning are as in Table 1.
Methods of Cleaning Stainless Steel
Problem Cleaning Agent Comments
Routine Cleaning. All finishes: Soap or mild detergent and water (Preferably warm) Sponge, rinse with clean water, wipe dry if necessary. Follow polish lines.
Fingerprints. All finishes: Soap and warm water or organic solvent (eg acetone, alcohol, methylated spirits) Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. Follow polish lines.
Stubborn Stains and Discolouration. All finishes: Mild cleaning solutions, specialty stainless steel cleaners. Use rag, sponge or fibre brush (soft nylon or natural bristle. An old toothbrush can be useful). Rinse well with clean water and wipe dry. Follow polish lines.
Lime Deposits from Hard Water: Solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. Soak in solution then brush to loosen. Rinse well with clean water.
Oil or Grease Marks:

In order to avoid damaging the internal or exposed parts of the products, please observe the following:

In general Use only detergents that are meant for the actual surface of the product. Always follow the instructions for the use of the detergents. Never use aggressive detergents, scouring powder, steel wool, steel brush or other abrasives. Never spray detergents directly on to the surfaces, always spray the detergent on a cloth or the like. Always thoroughly rinse the surfaces with water when they have been cleaned with detergents.Prevent lime scale deposits by regular cleaning. Wiping with a damp cloth daily is all that is required.Deposits of shampoo, liquid soap and other body lotions should be rinsed away with water immediately.

Spouts The spouts have water-saving aerators where appropriate. In order to maintain perfect performance from your tap or mixer, aerators should be removed from their housing and soaked for a few hours in vinegar when required. Guarantees on items bought at INOXTAPS.com become void if the products are damaged due to incorrect or non-appropriate use or maintenance

Question for warranty is missing?
You will buy a product at INOXTAPS.com with the knowledge that you will experience enjoyment and sustainability during use. Despite careful production and procurement, the unlikely event can occur that a product contains a defect, malfunction and/or damage. INOXTAPS.com gives you the standard manufacturer's warranty. You will find the warranty period also specified in our Terms and Conditions. We aim to describe the guarantee for each product as clearly as possible. Any additional (factory) warranty shall not affect the legal rights of the consumer. If defects arise under normal use we will strive to solve them quickly and professionally.
And what if I have a complaint?
Of course we always try to supply the products with greatest care, but even then sometimes something can go wrong. If you have a complaint about the delivered items, delivery, service or anything else, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. For this, please always use our mail address info@inoxtaps.com or use the contact form on our website. If an item is damaged, please make a clear description accompanied by some clear pictures. After receiving the complaint, we will contact you as soon as possible (but within a maximum of two weeks) to find a satisfactory solution.