COCOON: Our clients are our reflections. They are open-minded, dynamic individuals and businesses who appreciate real quality and life itself. Our products are designed to make people happy, bring comfort and embrace personal identity. The idea is so pure that COCOONing became a true lifestyle. Nowadays, people have more needs to be able to escape from the hectic and fast world we are living in and that is why home really should feel like home. A safe and warm place. A place where you come to rest, but also get inspired. A space for Transformation. A COCOON..

COCOON was founded in 2006. All the COCOON products are made in Holland or Italy with only the best materials

The bespoke design, quality, sustainability and avoidance of the old-fashioned distribution chain, makes COCOON an important point of reference within the sector.

Why should you get out of your Comfort-zone? COCOON!